Ada, Lady of the month!

ADA, our "Miss Vi' de Bohème" of the month. 25, poply and lively.

"So for me and 10 other girls are buying the same shirt whereas with vintage you can get this unique thing"

Ada talks about Vintage & fashion with Vi'deBoheme

Why don’t you start by telling me a little about yourself – where you live, what you do, where you come from?

Hi I’m Ada, I’m 25 years old, almost. I come from Rumania, I grew up in Canada and live in South West London and I work in child education.

How would you describe your style?

Lately CRAZY, I literally just pick up a bunch of things and put them on.

Can you describe what you are wearing now?

I am wearing dotted leggings with a fuchsia dress and a Swarovski brooch. And also a pair of very old brown wannabe suede boots.

When did you first become interested in vintage fashion?

When I was very young actually, because of my mum. She owns a lot of awesome things, which she never let me touch so that gave birth to my inner curiosity and then I found some really cool stuff there, once I learnt about materials and stuff. My mum explained to me what silk and other stuff meant and I thought ‘Uh fancy’. So yeah I tried them on and…looked weird! But I really loved it. She does own really cool things actually, I don’t know where she keeps them anymore, I should start looking for them.

Can you tell me who you feel are great fashion icons for you?

You’re going to laugh but it’s Kendall Jenner. I absolutely love Kendall. She’s so stylish. She works it, she is awesome. I like her, despite criticism I think she dresses very well. She has a lot of style and always looks impeccable. And she wore a bra the other day on the street; like waist high trousers and a bra and that’s it. Even her dress at the met gala was fantastic. I also like Kate Moss, for her time. But at the moment I don’t think she would be relevant.

What is your favourite era for women’ fashion?

I think now. I like fashion at the moment. People like Lady Gaga and stuff are absolutely going crazy and getting out the MEAT. Have you seen Lady Gaga at the Met Gala last night? She was in TIGHTS! I loved that.

I like it now because in the past you always had to hide something and it was always very conservative: like having to wear corsets. Now you just throw on a curtain and it’s like wow.

We have seen a big boom in vintage fashion recently. Do you think that women today are more willing to ‘mix things up’ and buy vintage rather than going for the obvious fashion trends?

I think so because if you think about it you have all those big shops yeah? And everything looks the same. So for me and 10 other girls are buying the same shirt whereas with vintage you can get this unique thing. And manage to get your hands on something nice and stand out from the crowd. I think girls these days are trying to be different.

What do you think makes a great vintage piece?

DETAIL. Detail, detail, detail. I have this Valentino blazer and my favourite thing about it is that it has buttons that if you look really closely they look like shells painted in gold. They’re so nice. Also my mum had a shirt and if you lifted up the back, you could see lace. So yes detail, detail, detail, is the most important thing. Because for vintage work, they actually put some effort into it: the material, the design.

 Do you think Vintage fashion is big in London?

Yeah Oh my God! Especially East London, they all want to be so different. Nobody is the same. Everybody is just so different, everybody wants to stand out. They want different clothes, they don’t want to look like anybody else. Something happened to me once actually, a few years ago, at a university party. I went there and there was somebody who was wearing the exact same outfit I got from Zara, which for me was really annoying. So I started buying off the rack, in places that sell buy kilo.

Do you think that because everyone is trying to be ‘different’ nowadays, the fashion becomes very similar?

I think that in England that happens. You don’t really see that in Italy or France, but the girls in England are all so the same. I don’t really know how to explain it.

Hat or headband?

Headband. I like the pin up kind of headband, I think it’s quite sensual. And if it has a ribbon on it that would be even better.

What does Vi’ de Bohème mean to you?

My friend introduced me to Vi’ de Bohème about 2 weeks ago and I really like it! I think they have a lot of very cool things to look at: jackets, clothes, clutches. And I like that it’s mostly made in France. I don’t think there are any shops in London that sell only made in France Vintage clothes and, as you know, there are a lot of vintage shops in London. The Dior Jacket is very impressive, seriously very nice!


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