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Nappy and african fashion

African Fashion and Nappy Movement

Born in the USA during 2000s, nappy movement, which is also known as natural hair movement, encourages women of African descent to keep their natural textured hair. No matter it in coiled or curly state, as well as those who have never straighten their hair by chemical but were born to have straight hairs, keeping the hair in its own way has been a new trend in fashion.

Having watched so many fashion shows, it’s not hard for us to find that seeing a model wearing her natural textured hair is so rare. It only happens once a while. But lately we could see that there is a change. More and more African models as well as celebrities have been showing their natural curls, coils and kinks. In my own view, it is not only a reform in fashion trend, but also a progress in aesthetic and values. Fashion industry used to have a typical standard to define beauty. There was a time when only the skinny blonde white girls could be fashionable. What nappy movement brings to fashion world is the diversity of beauty. The public begins to regard the natural styles as beautiful. It is refreshing and, I have to say, endowing modern fashion with a soul. When the world begins to focus more on the things which it used to ignore, new inspirations also appear. The whole fashion industry has benefited from the nappy movement.

That might also the reason why fashion industry begins to value the African styles more. The exaggerated patterns and colour matchings were born like that. Not like the commercialised high fashion brands, African fashion hasn't been trying and making efforts to be unique and fashionable. Their designs come from the astounding natural beauty of the mysterious land. The wildness and freedom in the designs can’t be taught and learned in a fashion or art school. The feeling is part of nature.
Now we have the mixed prints with bright colours, the ruffle and wrap designs are everywhere as well. In addition, African designers have launched their own brands and designs in fashion months. The hand chosen, cut and constructed fabrics work well with the particular designs.

I have found this self-taught designer Mimmy Yeboah in fashion trending news. She produces typical new African fashion clothes and use models with natural beauty. Her brand is brave and confidence to combine different elements from different eras.

Here come the fashion weeks in London, Milan, Paris and New York. Besides the well-known high fashion brands, there are also amounts of new names. Spontaneously they are inspired by the African fashion traditions and new trends. Where will the trend lead the beauty to? I bet it must be a more fabulous world.

Alice de Vi’


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