Bangkok, Fashion Domination!

Every single year, the fashion bloggers in Great Britain have been trying so hard during the London Fashion Week. Plus the American fashion world has developed an incredible addiction of children who were born with golden spoon. It makes people tired of the gossips and the typical “Hit girl” styles.

At the same time, there is another power being stronger day by day. Those « Fashion Power »girls are from Thailand. They travel, learn, and create new amazing styles. They have brought the tropical atmosphere to the somehow-being-dull fashion world. It is colourful as well as full of surprises. Let's review quickly our « ThaïDivas ».

P.O Box

PO BOX, leather jacket, dress & accessories


Ploy Chavaporn Laohapongchana is a personal shopper for Topshop in Thailand. Her fashion blog P. O. Box has a significant position in Bangkok. She brings the complicated accessories and patterns into her styles. At the same time, as a fan of headbands, she has been huge influential in street styles. Nobody can forget the summers when every girl wore a big headband. She also owns a handmade headbands brand. She puts the new styles in her blog and lists every item’s brand and colour. As useful as it is, readers can learn the tips of matching.

Taste Of NoWhere

Taste of NOW : from high fashion to daily beauty


As a designer, stylist, blog writer and personal shopper, Chalisa Viravan is not only famous in fashion world but also in arty world. She started her career from high fashion but also focuses on finding the daily beauty on the normal people in Bangkok streets. The angles she views fashion are so unordinary and artistic. The blog is not focusing on fashion on purpose while including art reviews and lifestyle tips. But effortlessly, that makes the blog so fashionable. Different styles mix on the Bangkok street. Fashion has become a lifestyle in the city.


Jularat Hanrungroj

Jularat, simple design clothes


Jularat Hanrungroj is a model from Thailand. You could find every little details of her life on her Instagram. From the cute video of her little niece to a new plant in the room, she presents the tiny beauties. Of course she also posts her dressing styles. The old-school pilot glass shows a lot in her picture as well as simple design clothes. Her styles could remind you of your youth. When the other fashion bloggers try to tell us the newer the better, it seems that we could find more inspirations from old times.

The new power of Asian fashion bloggers has been growing in an unbelievable speed. It means not only the more Asian elements in fashion designs, but also means the different cultures and views have come to the fashion world.

It is never too late to get to know the new ideas...


Alice de Vi’


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