BB eyeliner: The perfect one

BB, queen of vintage !

Let’s go back to 1950s and have a look at the sexiest woman at that time. Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot had used her shining smile and relaxed hairstyle to popularise the bikini. There was even a style named after her —— the Bardot neckline, a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders. It was used by her for knitted sweaters or jumpers although it is also used for other tops and dresses.
There is no doubt that Brigitte Bardot remains one of the most eye-catching stars in the fashion history. Different from the other actresses and models at that time, she was like an elf from a fairy tale that didn't belong to this ordinary and dull world. She was attractive, seductive and innocent.
And don’t forget that she has also created another important thing: the Brigitte Bardot make-up style.

The sexy kitten made the smoky and thick eyeliner to be a timeless fashion icon. Even till today, every generation of young girls have been trying to imitate her.
Lucky for us, although it is hard for us to have the face and body of Brigitte Bardot, at least there are much more choices of make-up tools helping us to have a more perfect makeup.
Obviously Brigitte Bardot didn't have the liquid eyeliner or one thousand kinds of brushes at that time. But we do. We are able to copy that makeup style and even have more perfect eyeliner.
First use the grey or black eyeshadow to sweep across the eyelid. The core of Brigitte Bardot look is smoky and dark. So don't worry if you have applied too much. The next step is to blend. The dark eyeshadow sometimes may not be suitable for daily life if you haven’t blended it properly. So just use a fluffy brush to soften the edges.
Then here we come to the eyeliner. The cat-eye liner is the secret of a successful Brigitte Bardot style. Only those seductive eyeliners accomplish the sexy kitten. Use the liquid eyeliner so you can draw a more controlled and detailed eye line. Line the upper lash line with a black colour and bring it a little past your eye to give it that cat-look. Sharpen the edges and don't forget about your bottom lash line.
To complete the look, just make a messy and big hair style. Remember the Bardot style top as well!

The icon look will never be out of trend. Grab your makeup bag and don't hesitate to have smoky eyes. And also you can be creative in this style. Match it with a rouge lipstick, try it with a trendy choker, or copy every vintage detail of that time.

Alice de Vi’

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