4.34pm or how to be a feminist?

We can do it

16.34 on Monday 7 November. That is when the French women actually stop being paid for their work in 2016. Because of the gender pay gap, technically a woman will work 38.2 days more than a man for the same salary.
French women decided to say no this year. They stopped their works and walked outside at 16.34. Our work for this year has been done. We don’t get paid then we just stop working.


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African style becomes more and more fashonable!


African Fashion and Nappy Movement

Born in the USA during 2000s, nappy movement, which is also known as natural hair movement, encourages women of African descent to keep their natural textured hair. No matter it in coiled or curly state, as well as those who have never straighten their hair by chemical but were born to have straight hairs, keeping the hair in its own way has been a new trend in fashion.


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Vintage Culture in Marrakech

Vintage marrakech

What will you think about when you hear the name Marrakech? I believe here would come the regular things just like when you hear another African city name. Besides of the all-year-long high temperature, bright sunshine and typical tropical plants, Marrakech is something more and something else.

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The Perfect Outfit for September

Clemence wearing our Dior vintage leather jacket

Although the weather may not agree, it has officially come into autumn. The temperature bounces back and forth. The sun and rain have been taking turns to control the people’s mood. I have to admit, summer has always been my favourite season, and it’s not good news for me that September has come. But we need to be gorgeous and creative in every different season, which is why I will help you to find the perfect outfit for this September.

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Natural Beauty, #nomakeup

Natural beauty is vintage

Back to natural beauty, no makeup

How long would you spend on making up every morning?
Ten minutes? Half an hour? One hour? I know a story about university girls in Korea. When they have an important exam at 7 o’clock in the morning, they would spend the whole night before the exam on studying. But they will stop studying at 4 o’clock and use the rest three hours to do a perfect makeup. They would ignore the sleeping time they need and the coming exam, sit in front of a mirror and make sure the makeups look fantastic.


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