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So as our next shooting theme will be solely around the vintage total Denim look, I thought I would tell you guys about the awesome fabric DENIM and give you a little advice on how to take care of your Denim baby.

We know that Japanese have Kimonos, Austrians have Dirndl and thanks to the Americans we have THE pair of jeans.
Yes, as you might have known our beloved Denim fashion came from Levi Strauss in partnership with Jacob Davis in 1871.

Mr. Strauss, a Bavarian immigrant and sharp merchant in San Francisco, responded to miner’s needs for long lasting clothes and so began his wholesale business.
Since then the famous Blue Jeans and Denim fashion has been at the centre of the 1930s cowboy movies, the 1950s teenage rebellion, the 1960s hippie fashion and the 1980s high fashion. Today denim fashion is still a huge component of the wonderful fashion world and especially the vintage fashion world. Yes, who doesn’t like a good pair of vintage Levi’s jeans or jacket ?!

But how can you take care of your baby Denim piece?

Well, according to Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh, you should never was your denim, but if you guys cannot handle that, then I can give you some tips as to keep your Denim awesome.

To wash your Denim piece and give it that naturally worn vintagy look you can spray it with vinegar and hang it outside to get rid of any smell. If you really want to put it in the washing machine then you should wash it inside out and go for the gentle cycle at 30°, as to make sure the colour doesn’t fade.

Most important of all, DO NOT EVER tumble-dry it, as it will shrink too much. Just hang it outside to dry and that’ll do the job.

Also, imagine you have a date and need to quickly freshen up your Denim, simply stick it in the freezer. This definitely refreshes your baby and will kill bacteria, which is the main cause of bad odour.

Also I bet some of you have tried to make holes in your jeans as to make them more personalised? (Don’t worry I have done it myself) as yes I have used scissors too, big mistake. If you want to make your denim look awesome you should fray it. And all you need is sandpaper. Simply scrape the sandpaper over the Denim and this will create a worn look. Make sure you scrape it in one direction to give it an authentic feel.

To sum up guys, if you want to keep your Denim baby on point, you shouldn’t wash it too often. You can stick it in the freezer for a few hours or spray it with vinegar (vinegar is simply amazing to clean clothes - you can also read my previous article on how to keep your leather jacket on point).
If you do wash it in the washing machine make sure it is at 30°, and DO NOT tumble dry it.
‘Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes hurt’ - Yes, even Lana del Rey has a thing for the Blue Jeans.


Désirée de Vi’


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