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From Banksy, to Fairey, to Keith Haring - Street art has experienced a great shift in the past years. What was once a considered clandestine is now a distinguished form of public art, emerging in major cities across the world.

Take for example, Keith Haring’s Art, which marks NYC street culture of the 80s and 90s. Keith simply started using the empty, black, advertising panels found on NYC underground, as canvases for his work. His work began by drawing large murals in a particular graphic style, which in turn made him famous. For the artist, the subway was the perfect place to test the grounds and express social activism.
Yes, street art was once considered an act of vandalism, however these artists have proven to us that it encompasses a deeper meaning than just a drawing on the wall. London even offers a street art tour across the city (if you live in the city you should totally go for it!).
As our theme for the week is graffiti, I thought I would share the most significant street art capitals.

Well, as I am based in this city, I would totally recommend London. Not only because the city thrives with street art (especially in East London), but also because you will find works by some of the most influential street artists – Bansky, Eine, Paul Don Smith, and many more. And of course, BrickLane is a must see, as there are no graffiti-virgin walls whatsoever.

Berlin - and it’s famous East Side Gallery at the Berlin Wall. More than 100 murals from the East side of the Berlin Wall have been conserved. And artists like Keith Haring have drawn on it. However, the rest of the city also thrives with the works of Europe’s best urban artists like El Bocho.

Los Angeles - Some of the most influential names in street art have left their mark in the city, including Shepard Fairey, Banksy, David Choe and Anthony Lister. You should absolutely visit Melrose Avenue, La Brea Boulevard, Culver City, and the L.A. Arts District.

Paris - The once underground art scene in Paris has recently become very much above ground. Paris has hosted many artists from around the globe, and has also encouraged numerous local artists onto the international street art scene, including Invader, Rat and Blek.

New York – Graffiti started appearing in the city in the late 1960s, and eventually a movement was born. Some of the best places to start are Hunts Point in the Bronx, Brooklyn's Bushwick, and Chelsea In Manhattan. You should also visit Harlem, where you will find the Graffiti Hall of Fame, a wall dedicated to exhibiting, maintaining, and supporting street art.

Prague – I have been to Prague not long ago, and I can tell you – it’s booming with street art. One of the most important works can be found in Grand Priory Square: The Lennon Wall. In the Communist 1980s the wall was used as a canvas for political messages, and even if the police would cover it with paint, new graffiti would appear.

There are many other cities in which you can find incredible street art masterpieces such as Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Reykjavik and one blog post wouldn’t be enough to name all of them. However, this is a start. So if you guys are infatuated by street art, please travel, explore and admire the marks left by those incredible artists!


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