How to care for your jewellery beautifully!

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Oh yes I’ve always had a strong passion for jewellery. I got it from my mother, who got her passion from her mother and so and so forth. The thing is that jewellery defines you in a way that accentuates your beauty, gives you a sense of confidence, and make you feel more beautiful (I feel naked when I forget to wear my rings). And as my grandma would say, real jewellery will last forever; it’s not like a luxury bag which, as amazing as it can be, will eventually deteriorate. On top of that jewellery can save your life! No I’m not joking. My grandma used to trade her jewellery for food during WWII. Given that money had no value, but silver/gold jewellery never loses its value, she made her decision in order to survive.
Yes jewellery will last forever, however that doesn’t mean it cannot get scratched or dirty. Antique jewellery especially needs extra tender, love and care, so I will share with you guys a few tips to keep your delicate antique piece on point.

In order to protect your investment you should periodically check for loose stones or dirt with a magnifying glass. Also because if your antique piece includes small stones you won’t be able to see whether they are loose with a naked eye.

Mild mixture of water + soap
If your piece presents raised details, Let the mixture set for a minute but do not leave the detergent on for too long as it may ruin soft metal and stones. Also, make sure to avoid commercial cleaners, as they can be too rough for your delicate antique piece. Following that, you can rinse your jewellery with cool water.

In order to prevent your piece from becoming fragile and breakable you should oil it once a year with good quality mineral oil. You can find the oil online or in your local health food shop. Prices may vary from £3 to £30. Apply the oil with a cotton bud and allow it to soak in for a few hours, or even overnight. Once done you can wash it off with a soft toothbrush dipped in a mild mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Rinse it off, let it dry and wait at least 15 minutes before using it again.

Make sure you apply creams, make-up and perfume before putting on your jewellery as those can damage it quite harshly!
When storing your piece, make sure it is isolated from other jewellery otherwise your item might get scratched or chipped. I would recommend putting it in a jewellery box, or place it on top of a soft cloth in a drawer.

All things considered, I hope these few tips can help you guys keep your antique baby clean, shiny and safe. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in repairing the damage yourself you can always bring it to an antique jeweller, or even a repairman that has the experience and utensils to fix your fine piece for you.

After all, your antique baby deserves the best care it the world!


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