Kiss me in black color

vintage black color : kiss me in black color 

The black lipstick trend continued ruling the runways of spring/summer 2016. It seems that the noir lips are no longer to be only a symbol of street style in gothic culture neighbourhood like Camden Town. The high fashion industry also goes through the Goth phase. If you have seen the gorgeous and fancy models at Dior’s 2016 fall show, you will know that there is one more colour you need for your make-up bag.

It is more like a silent feminism speech. The women who wear the black colour are unafraid of judgement and extraordinarily outre in their appearance. They can manage their own life, and "do it" their ways. Women can also demonstrate their power, rebellion and glamour through the cool gothic-like make-up. But here comes the question, will you wear it on a daily basis?

We can get inspiration from the runways and make-up artists’ works. The secret of a successful noir lip make-up is to keep the overall look luxe. Just pull off the eyes and lip and minimalism everything else. Use the dark eye shadow and thick eye-lines to outstand the eyes. Sometimes we can also add shining details like a little silver eye shadow on the upper eyelid or a golden eye line.
Regarding the hair style, slicked-back style seems to be pairing in the runways. But the natural wave or straight hair can also match the black lips well. It pretty much depends on what you would like to be, a cool and serious goddess or a naughty neighbourhood girl? Or both?

I have also tried the black lipstick after watching the Vivienne Westwood show. It looks harmony if you have a pale skin tone. But here is the problem, if you want to get the look like the one in the runways, then posh and hand-made fancy clothes are necessary. Otherwise you will find yourself just like someone who wanders near Camden Town or Brick Lane during the weekends.
As we can see from the runways, all the leading fashion brands are trying to redesign the classical styles. That would be helpful if you have any Haute Couture vintage clothing to complete your perfect outfit, like our YSL red pump for example. The classical pattern, timeless design, will help you to build your "divine" look.
Whatever you match with the black lip colour, the most important thing is to have fun and feel comfortable. Just forget the judgement and people’s eyesight, enjoy every make up you wear.

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