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You are probably going to wonder why the hell am I going to read something about Luxembourg City. I mean, who goes there really? But the fact is that I was born and brought up in Luxembourg, and I live in London since the age of 17. And of course I do occasionally go back home to visit my family and friends. You might think there is nothing in Luxembourg, but you are totally wrong! Even if the city is rather small, and people only associate it with banks most of the time, it is actually one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Divided between the High City (the medieval town center) and Low City (located in the gorge that cuts itself across the city and the most scenic zone), Luxembourg encompasses both modernity and antiquity. Also, it is one of the most multi-cultural cities you can find – I describe it like a REALLY tiny London.
Well, I am writing this blog post from my hometown and wanted to share with you guys the must-see vintage destinations.

First of all, I am actually quite sad to say that one of my favourite vintage shops in Luxembourg was shut down recently. The shop was called ‘Camden Shop’ – and for a reason; it literally looked like a vintage shop you would find in London, or better - Camden. It had this whole London vintage feel to it. Unfortunately, a lingerie shop has replaced it. Oh well!
But do not despair! Luxembourg has a few vintage shops here and there.

I would recommend visiting SecondHand4Sale in Bereldange. In which you can sell your pre-loved fashion items, and of course buy new or other used items. In this shop you will be able to find unique luxury garments for a reasonable price. Also, every time I visited the shop I always had great customer experience and the people were really helpful!

Another second hand shop I can recommend is Teddy Second Hand Shop in Boulevard Royal.
The shop has a different feel compared to the first one and is smaller. Teddy Second Hand shop doesn’t sell as many vintage designer items, but if you do not care about brands then you should definitely check it out! You can find really unique shirts, blazers, dresses, bags and shoes!

Third shop I can recommend is American Vintage in Luxembourg town. The shop does not sell second hand clothing however I do like its concept. Founded by Michael Azoulay who was looking for a new innovative fashion concept, he found inspiration from his trips to America and completely revisited the basic T-shirt. The shop is simple and authentic, however quite pricey! The t-shirts though are just awesome.

All in all, Luxembourg does have a few vintage shops around the city, however vintage clothing shops are less popular compared to antique furniture shops. But I will save that for another blog post. In the mean time, if you do decide to visit this lovely city these are the shops I would recommend for all you vintage lovers!


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