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Mademoiselle Vi' de Bohème


Mademoiselle Vi' de Bohème


Where are you from?
Orléans, like Jehanne Of Arc! But Paris is my hometown

Why Vi' de Boheme? Why Vintage Fashion?
I have always been passionnate about fashion, fashion from the 80ies to be more specific. Long jumper, high shoes. Flashdance Look is to me the perfect outfit. Convenient, sexy and cosmopolite. And of course, flashy colors. So i want to share my passion, my taste. I think Fashion is a great way to show our personnality, a great way to be creative. As Fashion is creation.

What's your favourite designer?
Coco Chanel, I find her style amazing. She was so modern and avangardist, as well really independent, a strong woman. 

What's your favorite outfit?
A sixities dress with flowers, a pair of red shoes, red lipstick, and a pair of rayban. Simple, colourful.

What's your favourite color?
Red, agressive colour, "In da Face", strong, it can be too much, but I' d rather being too much than not enough. I feel now, with new designers, there are not enough colors. I cannot imagine my life, my wardrobe without colors...No way.

What's you favorite song?
La Décadance, Serge Gainsbourg. This song once released, was a huge scandal, the way Serge Gainsbourg was dancing was a bit shocking. But i like that, following only our own envy, expectations, dreams. Beeing free is not always easy.

What do you dream of?
Freedom, complete freedom. In term of creativity, love, speech. Having this feeling of freedom is to me, the result of success.

Talent does not exist. Talent is wanting to do something (Jacques Brel)




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