Me and Myself in Vintage London

My first time in Vintage London


Throwing it back – the birth of Vintage mania

Good morning guys! So today I wanted to throw-it-back a little and understand this big development in fashion: Vintage. I am going to start off by throwing it back to the first time I came to London.

It was back in 2008 a month before my 16th birthday. I remember immediately getting love struck with this beautiful city. Apart from the typical tourist attractions everyone must see on their first trip to London (Piccadilly, Trafalgar Sq, Leicester Sq, The Big Ben etc.) I discovered the beauty of living in a huge city such as this one: you can be yourself, and wear whatever you love and no one will care. From the really cool vintage post-punk leather jackets to the street chic style, I realised London was blooming with unique styles ranging from the 1920s up until today. Then of course I hit Bricklane market on a Sunday and discovered a whole street of Vintage clothing, jewellery, furniture and a whole community of people who shared the same enthusiasm for the retro/vintage look.

But when did all this start?

Well as you guys might have known already, wearing Vintage clothing has started as a means to express individualism and uniqueness, as a way to go against the traditional conformity and commercial values of society. The awesome film theorist Kaja Silverman specified that the Vintage look was important to feminists as it allowed them to feel empowered and oppose the haute-couture fashion. This of course was a new powerful movement, but the real thing started earlier. The first Vintage style can be tracked back to the 1960s, and we wouldn’t have expected it to start sooner. Yes, the Hippies. Who better than the Hippies could represent self-expression and unconformity? With the birth of the Flower Power, the taboo of wearing out of date clothing had been broken and we love them for that.
As writer Simon Reynolds would put it the term Vintage actually comes from the wine trade (the older the wine the superior quality) and was finally given to replace the not so pretty term ‘used’. Therefore with the advent of the hippies chasing fur coats and velvet clothing in Europe and the advent of young ambitious designers Vintage becomes more popular.

How many stores can you find nowadays that will sell you Vintage Clothing?

Innumerable! But the best thing is that you will always find something completely unique and never mass produced. Because it doesn’t matter if Vintage style has become quite popular, you will never find 2 people wearing the exact same outfit. Vintage was and still remains a way to express individuality and unique style – keep making your stand guys!


Desiree de Vi'



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