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How long would you spend on making up every morning?
Ten minutes? Half an hour? One hour? I know a story about university girls in Korea. When they have an important exam at 7 o’clock in the morning, they would spend the whole night before the exam on studying. But they will stop studying at 4 o’clock and use the rest three hours to do a perfect makeup. They would ignore the sleeping time they need and the coming exam, sit in front of a mirror and make sure the makeups look fantastic.
Three hours before an exam, that is how long Korean girls are willing to spend on making up.
I personally need half an hour to get ready to go out. The daily makeup for me includes foundation, eyebrow, eyeshadow and lip colour. It is not a complicated one; I don't understand why it takes so long. I usually enjoy the makeup process, but you know that we all have come across some moments when we wish we are beautiful and confident enough to go out without any makeup (especially when we get up late for work or we are finally going to sleep over in crush’s place).

Dare you go out without makeup?
Celebrities have been posting their selfies without makeup online.
Kesha used a make-up free selfie to update her fans with her legal battle with Dr. Luke. She looks not as shining as usual, but she is so powerful and full of courage.
Miley Cyrus loves to put no-make-up photos online showing her daily life with friends and her puppy. Those photos remind me of my teenage time. I used to spend countless weekends on the Disney TV show Hannah Montana. Although the storyline of the show seems to be stupid for me now, it was still a good time. Her selfies are just telling us, no matter how many crazy styles she has got, she has never changed.
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were shot out of a gym without makeup. They looked healthy and energetic in that picture. Maybe it just tells us the good shapes need practicing instead of sitting in front of a TV set and being jealous.
The make-up free pictures show the eternal beauty of girls. They are as powerful and confident as the time when they wear makeup.

Tips for being beautiful without makeup
We won’t suggest you to let it go and give up on taking care of yourself. On the contrary, girls need to put a little bit more effort if we want the world to see our real face and body.
First we need to have a health skin. You can start your try with abolishing your foundation. The skin tone could surprisingly improve after stopping it for a period of time. You may find you do not need the thick makeup mask anymore. In addition, as long as we are what we eat, if we want to have a better skin, a balanced diet is necessary.
And makeup-free may not mean we will completely say goodbye to beauty industry. There are still products we could use to help us with the look. Like the eyebrow gel and transparent mascara, we could also choose lip gloss with little colour.
The last thing is the most important thing, if we want to look beautiful, we must feel beautiful in the first place. Try to smile to yourself and the world. Just stay happy and positive. People are saying so because those tips do work. (At least work for me. When I walk on the street and have a big smile, lots of people smile back to me.)

And what are your tips for makeup-free style?

From London with Love
Alice de Vi’


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