The Sexiest Outfit in HK

Having the combination of western and eastern cultures and being one of world’s most important financial centres, Hong Kong is a place with the most creative and trending people in Asia. The cute school girls cross the street with heart-shaped cross body bags while the office men’s diamond cuffs are shining under the sun. All the cultures are mixed in the city, and fashion trends just show the characteristic of Hong Kong. With the 33℃ temperature in this summer, Hong Kong is still the hottest city in Asian fashion world. Let alone the fashion week’s decent and fabulous haute couture, you are able to find sexy styles from the countless narrow streets in the busy and wonderful city. Classical and chic styles could be found everywhere, and here are the sexist ones.



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The Perfect Outfit for September

Clemence wearing our Dior vintage leather jacket

Although the weather may not agree, it has officially come into autumn. The temperature bounces back and forth. The sun and rain have been taking turns to control the people’s mood. I have to admit, summer has always been my favourite season, and it’s not good news for me that September has come. But we need to be gorgeous and creative in every different season, which is why I will help you to find the perfect outfit for this September.

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