Pink Hair Don’t Care!

Pink Hair Vintage look

Is it just me, or have you noticed a sudden ‘Boom’ in the Pink-hair-don’t-care fashion trend?
I mean, the beauty of living in London is that everyone dresses how they wish, and literally no one gives a damn about it. That is just normal out here: from the punks, to the hipsters, to the 90s cool kids and the vintage loving kids etc. And that of course comes with the different hairstyles.
I never really paid attention to people hairstyles, but recently I have noticed an increase in girls with pink hair and to be fair, it looks awesome. Who would’ve thought that such an unnatural hair colour could look so good ?!
There is just something about that pastel, candy pink that screams youth and freedom.

However don’t be fooled. Pink hair can be tricky. Actually dying your hair all together can always be tricky. I bet many of you dyed your hair before – needed a change right? Yes, I have done it myself. When I was 18 I decided to go to the hair dresses and dye my hair Red Wine. That didn’t turn out so well for me. In my head I had this beautiful colour, which resembled a dark brown with burgundy reflexes. But of course the results was something completely different and ended up having REALLY red hair, which I couldn’t get rid of for the longest period of time, even after dying it brown for several times.

My point is in order to avoid a complete disaster there are a couple of steps you should follow if you would like to dye your hair pink.

Do you want to dye your hair for some festival flair? Or went through a breakup and need a change in look and life?
The only way to create the desired effect, unless you have light blond hair, is to bleach your hair.
If you really want to go for the full unicorn look (from roots to ends) I would really advise you to go to a professional. And keep in mind that the all-over bleach will result in having to dye your hair every 4-6 weeks. So remember to touch that up as you might just end looking like a hot mess.
If it’s simply for the weekend, I might suggest only dipping the ends in colour.
But if you want to play safe, you should go for a semi-permanent dye or temporary dye. So in case it goes wrong you can always wash it away.

As you’ve already figured out there are different shades of pink. But which one is the perfect pink for you?
Well that depends on your eye colour, skin tone and overall complexion.
Say you have green eyes, then a pink/purply colour will look fab on you.
Blue eyes always suit pink hair amazingly. And brown eyes, depending on your skin tone, have the potential to suit many colours.

Anyways ladies, my point is if you want to experiment, go ahead! But remember to follow these few simple tips that will give you the best look and unicorn power!
After all, the world is better with more colours.


Désirée de Vi’


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