The art of keeping the leather jacket on point

How to take care of your leather jacket

The art of keeping the leather jacket on point


When we think of leather jackets, what may come to mind are old school German Pilots, Harley Davidson, Marlon Brando and The Sex Pistols.
Yes since post WWI the leather jacket has been adopted by film makers, actors, singers and has always represented and portrayed an iconic lifestyle.

Why do we love this classic garment? Well, apart from the fact that leather jackets are the epitome of coolness, they are also long lasting.
This however doesn’t mean they respond well to rain or detergent.

Last week whilst I was having a stroll around East London, I came across this really cool shop that sells leather garments only. Having a passion for the good old leather jacket I found myself trying around 10 of them, to the point of getting the owners’ attention. When he asked me if I knew how to keep them on point, I realised I had never really thought about how to clean one. Yes, I would occasionally take my jackets to the dry cleaners or take a wet cloth to remove the stains, but I had no idea about the different techniques there are to properly take care of your leather baby, which saves you time and money.
For this reason I decided to share with you guys a few easy, do-it-yourself techniques this Mister taught me (These however can only be applied to certain types of leather such as finished/pigmented leather) :

. Olive Oil: Yes, Olive oil. The idea is to take a clean cloth dab it into olive oil and rub it onto the dirty areas of your jacket by lifting it. However you need to be careful as to not over do it as the oil may soak into the leather and a create a permanent stain.

. White Vinegar: Same cleaning process as with Olive oil – you mix a little white vinegar with the same amount of olive oil and apply this mixture onto your leather jacket with a clean cloth.

. Baby Care: Or a mild soap solution. Basically any soap that has a balanced Ph. Apply a few drops in warm water and soak a cloth into it, which you will then apply to the stains on your leather jacket. Then dry your jacket with a dry cloth.


. Fold your jacket after cleaning it – ALWAYS hang it up in order to prevent creases.

. DO NOT use detergents on the leather – You can use cleaning products that are SPECIFICALLY for leather.

In summary, these few tips should do the job. HOWEVER, these can only be applied to protected leather (finished/pigmented). I hope these tips can be useful for your awesome leather goodies and if you find that these do not work and the stains persist I advise you guys to take your jackets to a professional dry cleaning service as these normally never get it wrong!


Desiree de Vi



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