The Base for Lace

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The Base for Lace

It’s impossible to summarize the intricacy, artistry, and cultural history of lace in just one blog post, but here’s a definite point: like the world’s finest wine, the most wonderfully manufactured lace locates its home in France; and specifically in the city of Calais, from where you find the finest, incomparable, Calais lace.
Lace looks fantastic on clothes, dresses, lingerie; however washing it can be quite tricky. Given that it is quite a delicate material it is important to learn how to care for it. Of course, you could always take it to the dry cleaners, but if you don’t have the time or patience I am here to guide you through the process of taking care of your lace baby.
Washing Machine
Unless the item does not indicate hand wash only, then you are safe to use the washing machine. You should use a gentle cycle and cold water (using cold water prolongs the colour and the life of the fibers).
Use a mild detergent, as it will remove the unwanted stains whilst protecting the items colour and fabric.
ALWAYS avoid the dryer or the iron! Both can ruin the fibers and the iron will definitely burn them.
You can then hang your item to dry, or lay it out on a flat surface. Some garments may need to be laid on a flat area for shaping; you can use pins to attach it to the surface so that it dries with its correct shape.
Hand wash
If you do not trust your washing machine, then you can simply hand wash your item. Use warm water, or cold preferably, with a mild detergent.
You should gently plunge it and avoid rubbing it.
For white or cream lace you should NEVER use Bio-ad, bleach or other strong chemical, which will only damage the item.
Also, to reduce the risk of damaging your lace baby you should always lay it in a delicate bag.
Lace, cotton, or silk; the thing about lingerie is just that – it’s fragile!
As mentioned, storage is important when it comes to lace, and more important for lace lingerie! You should keep your lingerie folded, and separated for other clothes. If kept in a drawer, cover it with fabric in order to prevent the wood from pulling on it and ruining it.
In order to keep the beautiful colour, the first time you wash it you can let it soak in white vinegar for 10 min and wash it again. Yes, it works!
If washed in the washing machine, make sure you put your lingerie in a net or the underwiring will come off, and your bra (as well as your washing machine) will be ruined – Yep, it happened to me.
Just as any lace garments, do not use bleach, do not tumble dry it, use a gentle wash and a mild detergent.
Hope these simple steps will help you save time and keep your beautiful lace baby on point!
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