The Perfect Outfit for September

Although the weather may not agree, it has officially come into autumn. The temperature bounces back and forth. The sun and rain have been taking turns to control the people’s mood. I have to admit, summer has always been my favourite season, and it’s not good news for me that September has come. But we need to be gorgeous and creative in every different season, which is why I will help you to find the perfect outfit for this September.

Clemence wearing our Dior vintage leather jacket

Leather jacket is my first recommendation. It is fashionable and essential for every season. No matter it is a real one or a faux one, the leather material will make sure it is warm and stylish enough. For me, a leather jacket is the core of autumn outfit. You could match it to any item. As the time flies, the symbolism of leather goods has been changing, but there is no doubt that it is still a cool-girl-thing. I have to say the leather jacket is a timeless thing; almost every sub-culture has a history with the leather coat. And for now, except the classic black colour jacket, there are even more choices for you to show yourself. Why not try a brown or navy one for this autumn.

Autumn colors

Don't forget your dresses from the summer which has just finished. To make it feel more autumnal, you could wear your sundress with a pair of boots. There is no need to be worried about the autumn rain and the wet ground. Just catch and enjoy the last warm sunshine for this year. Also try to match the wrap dress with the leather jacket, autumn is the perfect season to mix and match. Another versatile item for autumn is graphic tee. You won’t need a coat when you wear an oversize tee, the shape and pattern will make you look casual and cool. And a graphic or slogan one could be either funny or ironic, it can also be a statement maker.

Sweater is the last thing I would like to recommend. If you are hesitating whether to wear a sweater at the beginning of September, you could pair it with shorts and sandals. Chunky sweater with extra-long sleeves could be another option. It is also functional to wear a sweater in such a changing weather.

The first days of September are neither summer nor autumn, you could take the last chance to show off your colourful summer clothes as well as create your own style of a chill autumn. The secret of a perfect outfit is being bold. Mix and match your items, ignore other people’s eyesight and enjoy the chilly-but-not-cold weather.

From Rouen with Love

Alice de Vi’


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