The Sexiest Outfit in HK

Having the combination of western and eastern cultures and being one of world’s most important financial centres, Hong Kong is a place with the most creative and trending people in Asia. The cute school girls cross the street with heart-shaped cross body bags while the office men’s diamond cuffs are shining under the sun. All the cultures are mixed in the city, and fashion trends just show the characteristic of Hong Kong.

With the 33℃ temperature in this summer, Hong Kong is still the hottest city in Asian fashion world. Let alone the fashion week’s decent and fabulous haute couture, you are able to find sexy styles from the countless narrow streets in the busy and wonderful city. Classical and chic styles could be found everywhere, and here are the sexist ones.


Off Shoulder Top

Black off shoulder dress, the sexiest outfit

Off shoulder top always ranks first in the summer’s must-have list. You will need it in a shopping day, on beach and for a barbeque party. It is a classic look but can always bring you something new.
And now you can even wear an off shoulder dress for a formal dinner. Dark colours and shaped cut make the one piece dress gorgeous and more formal.
The off shoulder ones are no longer just for chic girls, but also ready to decorate the ladies.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket, cool vintage fashion style
It seems like a jacket is not in need in Hong Kong’s summer. But if you have ever experienced the power of air conditioner indoors there, you will know that you are wrong.
Sexy doesn't equal to short and tight, the loose jacket can make you a cool girl as well.
Now it’s time for you to be creative, a t-shirt is not the only choice to match the bomber jacket. You can choose a one piece dress or a short top. Just make your own style and try to think more weirdly.

Four Bucks Sandal

Four bucks sandals, the sexiest pair of shoes
Four bucks sandal is never out of trend. It may be the most comfort and stylish high heel for daily life. In the office buildings, hottest clubs, parks with fresh air and trending cafes, the sandal is always suitable.
High waist shorts or chic jeans, it’s up to you. You can never be wrong with four bucks sandal.
Regarding the wet and rainy weather in HK, it can also be practical to wear a pair of shoes like these.

Simple dress or jacket with complicated patterns, high heels or flats. It is all about choices and match. Fashion is not about the price and trends online. You need to find your way to express and speak by clothes.
The summer in Hong Kong is continuing as well as the sexy styles. Keep trying new things and match them with classical items, you will find your own must-have outfit.

From HK with Love,

 Alice de Vi'


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