Tokyo, my Vintage Love!

Tokyo colourful vintage outfit

London – a huge metropolis pumping with different styles, and probably one of the Vintage capitals. Yes, London thrives with Vintage shops, from furniture to clothing. However, when it comes to a rainbow of styles and vintage shops, Tokyo comes a close second.
It is one of the most influential fashion capitals, where people are known for their innovative street style and eccentric outfits.
Just think of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls and their really peculiar but somehow awesome outfits, and hair. Lets not forget the really colorful hairstyles that have come to influence the west (check previous article on how to successfully dye your hair pink).

Tokyo has its fair share of second-hand, retro and vintage shops, but with such a vast selection to choose from, unravelling the treasure can be quite a complicated process. If you are a vintage lover and a first timer in this immense capital, then there are a few places I would recommend visiting.

Of course, the first place you should go to is Harajuku. It is not only bursting with really unicorny teenagers who are a must see, but also with stores specialising in vintage wear and gear.

Take BerBerJin. The shop opened more than 2 decades ago and has been able to survive the constant trends coming from Harajuku. Like Beyond Retro in London, this shop presents anything ranging from denim jackets, military items, and a vast choice of vintage sneakers.

Then you get Dog, which weirdly reminds me of Cyber Dog (the ‘rave’ shop in Camden, London) as it has really loud music and unique, colourful and bizarre
Vintage clothing. If you like burlesquy/theatrical pieces then this is the place for you.

G2? Store is also an awesome Vintage store. Clothes here are arranged according to style, from classic vintage items to more kitsch pieces. You can find anything from the Harajuku fashion to vintage items from Italian designers.

A very different shop in Harajuku is Meno, which has a more romantic feel to it and unique lace items, lingerie and accessories.

Then of course, you have J’Antiques in Meguro, a really well known vintage store which can be compared to Rellik in London. This store presents anything ranging from 1930s Chinese clothes, to European linens. Basically, anything with a historical weight can be found here.

Lastly, a friend of mine who has recently visited the Capital, told me about this awesome Vintage store she found, Toro, which is between Shibuya and Harajuku, but quite hidden so keep your eyes open! This store receives items from all over the world and from every era.

These options of course are only a taste of what you can find in this amazing capital. Tokyo is bursting with vintage shops, and as it is an amazingly big city, these are the places I would recommend to start looking for really unique, extravagant vintage finds!

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