Why Vintage?

flashy vintage colors Why Vintage?

“I buy what makes my heart sing. So, it’s not that I follow one specific track. It’s sort of what I like. I love colors. I love unique pieces. I love vintage clothing.” - Tracee Ellis Ross

Vintage is like a rebirth of fashion over and over again. It’s bold and timeless. Vintage is not only used in fashion but interconnected with everything that happened in history. It connects with music, culture, and importantly, people. That is the main reason why people loved and go back to vintage. It brands you. It tells you a story. One of the best characteristics of vintage is its flashy colors. It sets you in a certain mood that makes you glow. This style has given us a unique and individualize fashion. Vintage gives us freedom and exploration for colors that we are not so dauntless to try out. Flashy colors have always been a style for vintage. Partner your denim with embellishment and bling; color your shoes and accessories and you are set to go! Of course, this strong look will not be finished without choosing the bold colors to partner with your denim – may it be hues, neon, or your favorite fur. Flashy vintage colors come and go but it will always be a trend. Just like denim, flashy colors make everything better. Studies show that almost 85 percent of people who buy things or clothes choose one over the other because of color. Colors in general make the best thing about the clothes. What more if it has a good color, plus it is vintage? Awesome, right?! Good thing we’ve got everything in store for you! Come and see for yourself! I know you want something… vintage. (link: www.videboheme.com)

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Bangkok, Fashion Domination!

Every single year, the fashion bloggers in Great Britain have been trying so hard during the London Fashion Week. Plus the American fashion world has developed an incredible addiction of children who were born with golden spoon. It makes people tired of the gossips and the typical “Hit girl” styles.

At the same time, there is another power being stronger day by day. Those « Fashion Power » girls are from Thailand. They travel, learn, and create new amazing styles. They have brought the tropical atmosphere to the somehow-being-dull fashion world. It is colourful as well as full of surprises. Let's review quickly our « Thaï Divas ».

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Vintage Culture in Marrakech

Vintage marrakech

What will you think about when you hear the name Marrakech? I believe here would come the regular things just like when you hear another African city name. Besides of the all-year-long high temperature, bright sunshine and typical tropical plants, Marrakech is something more and something else.

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