Vintage Culture in Marrakech

Vintage fashion in Marrakech

What will you think about when you hear the name Marrakech? I believe here would come the regular things just like when you hear another African city name. Besides of the all-year-long high temperature, bright sunshine and typical tropical plants, Marrakech is something more and something else.

The proper origin of the name Marrakech may from a Berber word which means “the land of God”. It is like a shining pearl in the south of Morocco. It also has the largest Berbers Bazar in Morocco. Although Marrakech is famous of its leather productions, there is no doubt that the colourful rugs, hand-made soaps, and thousands of spices are also attractive and unforgettable.
Every Thursday the Bab El Khemis opens its gate to the world. It is a place which is full of junk and treasure. Visitors could find old huge wooden doors selling in this Bab. You may think that is nothing about fashion and art, but when you look closer to the heavy wooden doors you will find an incredible variety of antique patterns and designs. Morocco is a country with rich traditional cultures and handworks. If you dig deeper of the culture, you would be surprised and impressed by its colourful and wonderful art history. Besides of the old door, many other treasures could be found in the Bab. Rolls of vintage rugs, weird bathroom sinks, decorative arches and old French style furniture from the French colonial period. You could see that how the culture has been mixed and transformed.

The vintage stuffs maybe just a normal part of Marrakech citizen’s life, but the designs and styles are new and fresh. From the high-end fashion designers to high street brands, the fashion world is trying to find their Muse in Africa.
And we have reasons to believe that the fashion designers have been always trying to get inspired by African vintage culture. Especially in this year, we could see designs with bright colours everywhere. The African fashion isn’t afraid of using bold colours without any limitations. The most unusual colour combinations are used in designs. The normal rules of colour combining are no longer the most fashionable principles.
In addition, we can only describe the patterns and prints of the vintage stuffs as fabulous and attractive. The prints in African vintage stuffs can use anything and mix them all. The patterns in fashion designs which are borrowed from African vintage cultures are so exclusive. They are recognisable and memorable.>

Overall we could see the trend in fashion world and how important influences have been brought by the African vintage culture. There is no doubt that we should pay a visit to Marrakech to look for inspirations for our own styling.

Love from Rouen
Alice de Vi’


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