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vintage longon

Throwing it back – the birth of Vintage mania

Good morning guys! So today I wanted to throw-it-back a little and understand this big development in fashion: Vintage. I am going to start off by throwing it back to the first time I came to London.

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The Madonna Cure

When you think of the style and culture of the 80s, who comes to your mind?
Well for me it’s Pop Queen Madonna.
It’s no surprise that when Madonna first appeared she caught everyone’s attention with her provocative outfits and equally shocking performances.

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It’s mid-morning on Wednesday. You’re at work, looking for something new on the Internet. Are you a retro music fan? Love the Funk, Jazz and Disco years?
Well then, I bet you haven’t forgotten about the epic TV series Soul Train. 
The show created and ran by legendary Don Cornelius from 1971 until 2006, represented one of the most influential TV shows in terms of music, fashion and culture.

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Luxembourg City, Vintage Me! Pop Me!

Pop me!

You are probably going to wonder why the hell am I going to read something about Luxembourg City. I mean, who goes there really? But the fact is that I was born and brought up in Luxembourg, and I live in London since the age of 17. And of course I do occasionally go back home to visit my family and friends. You might think there is nothing in Luxembourg, but you are totally wrong! Even if the city is rather small, and people only associate it with banks most of the time, it is actually one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Divided between the High City (the medieval town center) and Low City (located in the gorge that cuts itself across the city and the most scenic zone), Luxembourg encompasses both modernity and antiquity. Also, it is one of the most multi-cultural cities you can find – I describe it like a REALLY tiny London.
Well, I am writing this blog post from my hometown and wanted to share with you guys the must-see vintage destinations.


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